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Marines Neutralise Fleeing FEMA Convoy in Maui

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  • Marines Neutralise Fleeing FEMA Convoy in Maui

    20 Aug 2023

    Hawaii - United States Marines on Friday “neutralised” a FEMA convoy that fled fire-stricken Lahaina for Haleakalā National Park, a 33,000-acre wilderness and home to the state’s highest peak, Mount Haleakalā, from where FEMA might have escaped had the Marines not downed a helicopter sent to rescue the federal brigands.

    The chase began early Friday morning when a Marine platoon and FEMA had a shootout in the Maui Forest Reserve east of Lahaina Beach. Responding to intelligence reports, the Marines caught FEMA red-handed burying corpses in an earthen grave the feds had excavated with a backhoe. A procession of FEMA agents hauled the bodies of men, women, and children out of an M35 “deuce and a Half” cargo truck and heaped them atop one another as federal supervisors stood around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

    The Marines had dismounted a distance away and had crept into FEMA’s AO undetected. FEMA, Real Raw News’ source in Gen. Smith’s office would later say, were more interested in cracking insensitive jokes about the dead than posting lookouts to watch for White Hat forces.

    The Marines had taken cover in the dense foliage and behind trees before opening fire on federal forces. A dozen feds fell at once, cut down by streams of Marine fire. Some FEMA screamed in terror, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! We give up!” while others unholstered pistols or unslung rifles in a desperate but futile effort to return fire. Their shots hit only grass and trees.

    The cowardly agents who wouldn’t fight hit the deck and crawled through the foliage to their nearby vehicles, unmarked SUVs and an armored FEMA Mobile Command Center (MBC.) Some found their tires deflated, but a few vehicles survived the assault.

    The “Deuce and a Half” driver was shot in the face through the windshield when he keyed the ignition.

    A dozen FEMA—and FBI embedded among them—survived the initial onslaught and fled the gunfight in two SUVs and the MBC. Sixteen Marines in four Hummers gave chase, while the remaining Marines remained behind to mop up stragglers and recover the dead civilians at the mass gravesite.

    The Marines pursued FEMA northeast along Route 36 to the Route 37 intersection in Kahuli, then southeast along Route 37 toward Pukalani, and, further on, the precarious, swerving road ending at the Haleakalā National Park entrance—a several hours’ drive.

    Our source said the Marines did not engage en route due to the risk of endangering civilians.

    FEMA dismounted at Kalahaku Overlook, a cliff overlooking the expansive Haleakalā crater, and formed a defensive perimeter around their vehicles as a UH-60 chopper in the distance drew nearer to the bluff.

    The Marines, our source said, had requested air support from Marine Corps Base Hawaii, otherwise known as K-Bay, in Oahu, but they were told to expect a gunship, an AH-1Z Viper, not an extraction bird.

    The Blackhawk did not respond to the Marines’ radio calls.

    FEMA had popped green smoke, universally recognized as “friendly forces ready for extraction.”

    As the Blackhawk descended, ready to hover, it was suddenly hit by three grenades fired from a belt-fed MK19 grenade launcher mounted atop a Marine Hummer. One clipped the rotor mast. The second flew into an open door. Smoke and flame engulfed the bird, which tumbled out of the sky and down into Haleakalā crater.

    The Viper arrived after the Marines turned the MK19 on FEMA’s MBC. Its armor wasn’t dense enough to survive several direct hits. Anyone inside burned to a crisp, died of smoke inhalation, or turned into minced meat.

    The Marines waved off the tardy bird, saying they controlled the situation.

    The remaining FEMA agents fell like dominos.

    The Marines, our source said, found 113 bodies in the back of the “Deuce and a Half” and at the gravesite.

    Later that night, a 737 loaded with FEMA personnel left Kahului Airport, destination unknown.

    Source: RealRawNews
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