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US "President" Biden Recalled to Washington

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  • US "President" Biden Recalled to Washington

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    Here it comes...

    US "President" Biden has been recalled from the G7 after Congress refused to raise the US "Debt Ceiling
    What Does This Mean?

    It means, for the first time, the US will default on it's debt, which is all fraudulent anyway.

    What Will Happen?

    Expect to see an approx. 45-55 percent reduction in the stock market and the end of the corrupt banking system. There will probably be a "run" on the banks as panicked citizens attempt to take their cash out. This will force Biden to issue a an Executive Order to halt cash withdrawals in attempt to keep banks afloat, but this will have the opposite effect and accelerate the crash of the corrupt fiat banking system.

    This banking system crash is likely to go global as it brings an end to the corrupt Rothschild's Central Banking model which invades almost every country on Earth, including New Zealand.

    At the same time physical precious metals such as gold, silver & platinum will become much more valuable as they represent true money. Silver which currently sits at approx. US$23 per ounce could hit US$10,000 per ounce, as it is used heavily in electronics manufacture and it, as well as gold, have been kept at an artificially low price for many decades.

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    What Happens After the Crash?

    Probably the arrest by the world's military of the Deep State criminal empire; a seizure of their illegally obtained assets; and then the introduction of a new precious metal-backed money system that is waiting in the wings to go.

    How Will Changes in The US Happen?

    In order to implement these changes, the imposition of martial law would be necessary. This measure would facilitate the establishment of a jubilee, entailing a unique forgiveness of all public and private debts and the equitable redistribution of assets that were unlawfully acquired through fraudulent practices by Rothschild central banks.

    As a result, all residents of North America would have ownership of their primary residences, possess financial resources, and be free from any form of indebtedness.

    "Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe"