In Australia, Premier Daniel Andrews is now threatening the DOUBLE vaxxed with being locked up if they don’t agree to an endless series of “booster” shots (which really aren’t boosters but rather contain full doses of more spike protein bio-weapons).

This should be a warning to everyone: If you are foolish enough to comply with the first two vaccine shots, you will be forced to be injected with many more yet to come.

New Zealand is no different. Increasingly our government is expanding the list of people that need to be vaccinated. By Christmas you will only be able to get out of Auckland lockdown zone if you are double-vaxxed and have a negative covid test. This is nothing short of tyranny.

The expert evidence is out there: lockdowns don't work - this is becoming more evident by the day, but the PM refuses to see it. We have a way out (see this post), but the government just won't take it and are digging themselves into the hole of political oblivion.