Dr. Madej reveals how our DNA can be permanently transformed by these vaccines, because they are made to reprogram human DNA. Moreover, the vaccines will be linked to global control systems, in which only people who will accept all the new vaccines over and over again will retain the freedom to function in society.

The face mask mandates are a preparation for this: only people wearing a face mask are allowed to shop, use public transportation, go to work, etc. Only children with face masks are allowed to go to school.

The vaccine will only be the next step: if you are not vaccinated, you will get the label of 'danger to the public'. Thus, covid-19 is being manipulated to be an excuse for establishing a whole new level of totalitarian control by the authorities.

In New Zealand, the 1st step is this so-called Traffic-Light system to replace Alert-Levels. Only those fully vaccinated will be allowed freedom. The non-vaccinated will be restricted as to where they can go and what they can do. It will become a tyranny without walls and will continue until the government can be legally stopped or voted out.

It make no allowance for those of us who have already had Covid and now have a natural immunity which, if injected with a vaccine, will destroy that immunity - never mind what ever harm the actual vaccine does in the mean time.

More to follow...