EU Parliament MEP Christine Anderson warns of the dangerous WHO Pandemic Treaty.

If this gets through, The WHO will have the power to override and control ALL Participating Countries Pandemic measures. Then nothing short of an uprising can save us.

These treaty changes aim to give the WHO - in the event of a pandemic [which they, no doubt, will have engineered] - de facto governmental authority over member states, without involving or consulting national governments or national parliaments. This means the rule of the people, the basic principle of any democracy, has been finally laid to rest.

The composition of the WHO is not based upon democratic elections. The decision makers sitting there are then authorised to issue instructions to you, but are not accountable to you and cannot be held politically responsible by you.

You, as a citizen, will then, no longer, even have any political influence on whom you entrust with the administration of fundamental rights.
When the Commission was asked to what extent it would ensure that the principles of the people's rule and the political responsibility of elected representatives are preserved and that citizens are not subjected to the arbitrariness of an unelected body and further de-democratisation, the answer was brief: "Not at all".

It is likely our NZ government will just roll-over and accept this treaty change - proving that they are corrupt.

These arseholes are never going to give up, so it's up us to stop them, because unlike the USA which has a Constitution that will nullify any such treaty change, we in New Zealand have no such protection.